The organisation considers social awareness creation as the first step towards any sustainable develimpent. We conduct regular door-to-door awareness programmes. Through these awareness programmes people are made conscious of the existing opportunities and constraints.

We conduct, Guide, make provision for :

1. Various Awareness generations programmes.

2. Community organization programmes.
3. Health and Hygiene maintenance Programmes.

4. Vocational training Programmes.

5. Non-formal educational programmes.

6. Income-Generating programmes.

7. Legal awareness programmes.

8. Dialogue and advocacy for the benefit of underprevileged people.

9.Organise and co- ordinate networking of grassroot level organisation.

10. Promote activities, Which have community participation and sharing of responsibilities.
11.Women empowerment programmes.
12. Agricultural and wasteland development programmes.
13. Research and publication.
14. Marketing and technical support to Rural artisans.
15. Thrift and Credit programmes

PCLM is based on a low cost economic philosophy. PCLM economic programmes are intermediate social and developmental programmes for its final goal of a true Indianized for its final goal of a true Indianized Church. Broadly speaking, PCLM wishes to operate through a non-violent methods and community awareness programmes. It is a spontaneous uniquemovement. It has both short term and long term social and development programmes to suit the different needs of the states.

Ours is a fast spreading Movement. We have been urged to start units in all the states of India. Our resources are meager and our network vast, covering all Indian Christian underprevileged of India. We need finances
urgently for the administration of central and state level offices. We need vehicles to reach out to the rural areas and International funding agencies to achieve its goals.

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