PCLM was established in 1990 and register in March, 2000 under indian Public Trust Act, 1920.It is a non - political, non - partisan, non - profit, Humanitarian development organisation. The source of inspiration for this Trust is : Mission of Lord Jesus Christ, Dr Ambdekar and Father of the Nation Mahatama Gandhi. PCLM works actively in the field of social justice & development, education, health & hygiene and nation integration for the development of the weaker section of the nation.

The Trust is managed by a board of trustees with extensive experience in the field of social service, press and media, law and justice, finance and management,and education.


1.To implement both the Gandhian and Ambedkar policies for the upliftment of the poor and depressed classes of india.

2.To create awareness amongst Dalit Chriatians and underprivileged people about their constitutional rights.
3.To engage in research and publication.

4.To engage in search for employment opportunities and avenues for Dalit Christians, unemployed youth and to find out ways and means to grantreservation for them within the Church set up itself.

5.To start educatiomn and vocational training programmes.

6.To creat public awareness about the discriminatory policies of upper caste Church leadership against their Dalit Christian brethren on caste considerations.

7.To provide help to the victums, (irrespective of caste, colour, creed) in times of natural calamities.

8.To organize Dharnas, Demonstrations, Seminars, Press Conferences, Street Plays, Dialogue Sessions, Prayer Meetings from time to time.

9.To publish/bring out a Newsletter for circulation and information among friends, benefactors and other interested parties regarding the achievements and limitations of the PCLM.

The organisation considers social awareness creation as the first step towards any sustainable develimpent. We conduct regular door-to-door awareness programmes. Through these awareness programmes people are made conscious of the existing opportunities and constraints.

We conduct, Guide, make provision for :

1. Various Awareness generations programmes.

2. Community organization programmes.
3. Health and Hygiene maintenance Programmes.

4. Vocational training Programmes.

5. Non-formal educational programmes.

6. Income-Generating programmes.

7. Legal awareness programmes.

8. Dialogue and advocacy for the benefit of underprevileged people.

9.Organise and co- ordinate networking of grassroot level organisation.

10. Promote activities, Which have community participation and sharing of responsibilities.
11.Women empowerment programmes.
12. Agricultural and wasteland development programmes.
13. Research and publication.
14. Marketing and technical support to Rural artisans.
15. Thrift and Credit programmes

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