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New Delhi, 12 April, 2013:Columnist and Dalit Christian activist R. L Francis has termed the controversy related to his article published in the magazine ‘Charaiveti’ in Bhopal unnecessary and unfortunate. The article had been written on the issue of exploitation of women in the religious institutions on the eve of Women’s Day.

 Church has organized structure and more than one lakh nuns’ work in this system. Some incidents were reported in different parts of country when they have committed suicide. Even Kerala government and left-front government have demanded to stop such incidents in the future.

 Few years ago Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) had demanded from Church and Vatican to constitute a committee of clergy and laity to look into the matter that who our nun-sisters are taking extreme step like ending her life. There are nothing in this article which is derogatory and against the interest of sister/ nuns or priests. The article also mentions about agony of those who raise their voices against religious system.

I request Madhya Pradesh Isai Mahasangh and some section of Congress party not to give political colour rather they should ponder over the issues raised in the article. One of the founder members of Madhya Pradesh Isai Mahasangh and Ex Spokesperson, Catholic Bishops Conference of MP & Chattisgarh Fr. Anand Muttungal is crying for help to save his life. This is why church has to reform its structure. 

Mr. Joseph Dias, Founder and General Secretary of Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) a Mumbai based Christian organization, has said, “Church leaders should focus on real issues inflicting Christian society and should avoid unnecessary controversy.”

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